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Extra and more information of coffee and coffee machines

We have a number of sub pages to provide you more information about the magic world of coffee, scan the table below for all the goodies you may want to read up about

Coffee Equipment Looking for Coffee Equipment that can compliment you experience, see what we have here Coffee Heath Facts Read some interesting facts about how health coffee is. We refer you to a number of very reputable sites and organizations that give you scientific fact, or read about who caffeine really does
Coffee Process We cover the process from seed to cup, check it out and see what you may learn Home Roasting We have captured some of the roasts we did on our sample, or home roaster, read about them
Grinding Coffee Sometimes forgotten the art of matching grind to brew, read about it here Per Cup Comparison How much is that cup of coffee really costing you, we do some comparisons, and it makes interesting reading
Frog Quaffer's Story Follow the story of how one Frog found his perfect brew Why Jura Why do we recommend Jura Coffee Machines, read on and see why we think they are the best value proposition

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