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Colombian Inmaculada Sudan Rume Naturally processed coffee

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A naturally processed medium bodied coffee with cherries, honey, blackberry and almond notes. A variety we have never offered before that is quite unique.

Did you know? An anaerobic fermented Sudan Rume from Inmaculada was used in Morgan Eckroth’s winning routing in the 2022 US Barista competition. Watch here…

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Sourced via Sabores this Colombian Inmaculada Sudan Rume variety is quite unusual.

Colombian but not Caravela

Markedly this is our second coffee from Sabores. Nicole and José Fernandez work direct with Colombian growers, that are breaking the mould in Colombia. Specifically, coffees they offer, are produced by coffee farmers that do almost everything themselves, up to the milling.

As a result, they have some interesting coffees. Read more about their approach on their website under about Sabores.

Inmaculada Coffee Farm

Inmaculada (Inmaculada means “immaculate”, and commemorates the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary) is one of the modern Colombian farms concentrating on Quality. In particular, they are well organised, not only around coffee production, but also have a strong web and social media presence. You can stay on the farm, and agro-tourism is a big money spinner for them.

Since, their marketing is strong, we prefer to just quote from their website:

“A little over 10 years ago (we assume this we 2010, when this was written) we started out on this wonderful journey, but it was only 4 years later, in 2014, when we had our first harvest, the first roast, and the first cup of coffee of this immaculate flavor; each cup is so unique, unlike any other, practically impossible to replicate.

“Only 20 minutes away from Cali, in a small town called Pichindé located in the Andes mountains, we have decided to make use of an untouched forest we always had in our family farm. The location was perfect to grow coffee; weather, altitude, rainfall etc… We started with 5.12 hectares and today, 9 years later, we have around 50 hectares of which 30 are planted and the rest is kept as natural forest.”

Inmaculada video

Read more on their about us page…

Sudan Rume

Discovered in 1940, the Sudan Rume is a variety of the arabica coffee that was once found in a wild state in the forests of the intertropical mountains of Marsabit in the Boma Plateau in Africa, in the south-east of Sudan. This variety is known to be resistant to the coffee cherry disease. Another mutation with Bourbon, it’s low-yielding and bursting with tropical fruit flavours. In fact, in 2015 Sasa Setic won the World Barista Championship with this variety.

Sudan Rume is a rare coffee with an unusual flavour profile. A typical harvest is incredibly small, leading to a classic case of quality over quantity.

Details of Inmaculada Sudan Rume Natural

A medium bodied coffee with cherries, honey, blackberry and almond notes. Notably, Sudan Rune is a variety we have never offered before, Inmaculada seem to have got signing in the cup. Coffee beans are larger than normal.

Region: Pichindé, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Farmer: Julio Holguin on Finca Inmaculada
Cultivar: Arabica Sudam Rume
Harvest: January – February
Altitude: 1,750 – 2,050 masl (meters above sea level)
Processing: Natural. Dried in a parabolic drier with raised beds.
Packaging: Grain Pro
Characteristics: Medium-full bodied 4-star complexity coffee with cherries, honey and blackberry and almond notes.
Fertilisation: Organic
Roast used: A classic highland Colombian roast for us. What we call a bump-and-kick, We use flame during drying reducing into the start of mallard, accelerating again once browning starts.
Our brews:
Brew Method Ratio Brew Method Ratio
Espresso 1:2.3 AeroPress 18.5:200g
Plunger 50g:600g Pour over/filter 18g:300g

Transparency Information

Sourced from Sabores
LANDIng price R300 / kg
Cupping score 86 (Cupped by Yohanna Burbano (Q-Gradr))
Producer/Organisation Julio Holguin / Inmaculada
lot size bought 1 x 30kg bags
Relationship Our first coffee this farm, our second from Sabores.


  • Sabores website and materials
  • Cafe Inmaculada website.



Coffee category

2. Medium bodied


fruit, nut, sweet

Coffee region



5 ★ Limited




Colombia, Quaffee




1kg Packet, 250g Box, 275g bag, 500g Packet, 750g Packet

1 review for Colombian Inmaculada Sudan Rume Naturally processed coffee

  1. chrisrae789 (verified owner)

    Still early days, had I a milk based espresso drink so good I had to leave a review. That cup tasted like those blueberry acai lindt balls. Truly an incredible coffee, can’t wait to try it as pour over.

    • Warren Machanik

      Thanks for the review, great to hear feedback.

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