Timemore Black Mirror 2 scale – up your pour over game

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Timemore Black Mirror 2 scale – up your pour over game. A scale that gives those that want to take their pour-over technique to the next level a great tool to do so.

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Timemore has made a name for itself in the coffee industry. The Timemore Black Mirror 2 scale gives those that want to take their pour-over technique to the next level a great tool to do so.


With the explosion of high-end coffee in China, a number of Chinese brands where established. Timemore emerged and has become synonymous quality and design. Although Chinese products are often not regarded as quality the steady stream of great products that Timemore has produced has impressed us, and most of the coffee world. The original black mirror scale, hand grinders, brewers and kettles have stood out.

Timemore Black Mirror 2 scale

Once you take it out the box and turn it on the first thing you notice is that there are two weights displayed. One is used to way the brewer, and one to weigh the yield in the vessel of choice. For the first time we have been able to see in real time a number of items we have never experienced before:

  • The weight of the water in. (all scales technically do this)
  • The amount of water added to the brewer, and the amount of water that makes it through the coffee grounds into the brewing vessel. A very helpful number to consider during blooming stage. Here you can see the effect of aging on the coffee. The fresher the roast, the higher the yield in the brewing vessel.
  • A quick and visual way of seeing the rate at which you are pouring the water into the coffee brewer.

At the end of each brew you can see the water in versus the yeild of coffee out. For us there were some real surprises here. We had always been told the rule of thumb is that the coffee bed absorbs around twice the coffee weight in, we found the way we poured, the coffee and the freshness all had an impact.

Timemore App

We had used a few brewing apps when we tried this one. On the whole the app is a great. It still feels Chinese in some respects, and Chinese writing is everywhere to be found. So we are hoping there will be an updated. But the app is good. Working with the app during brewing is quite intuitive, and seeing the water in coffee out live is cool. Also the flow rate into the brewer and into the brewing vessel are live, so you can get an idea if you are pouring at a rate that is assisting the brew.

If anything the one clunky bit is storing all the info, It is a little less intuitive and does take some patience.

What we like

There is a lot to like with this scale.

  • Display is clear and simple to understand
  • Scale is very responsive, brew away from wind.
  • Real time displays are fast and make sense.
  • Little rubber mat on the scale is snug and seems to belong.
  • Easy to move the arm, without damaging it.
  • USB-C charger
  • Intuitive touch features (an issue we have with the Acacia scales)
  • Proportions a good, all the brewers we tried were able to fit.
  • App is good but needs work.

What we are not so fond of

It is quite hard to feel much of we list below are serious faults but they are issues we have had.

  • Touch of buttons is maybe too sensitive, drop water on the buttons and there can be a misfire.
  • Because of its colour, seems to attract dirt.
  • When measuring coffee the stand is a little of a nuisance.
  • The Chinese origins are visible everywhere. With the app it is in your face but wording in the manual is not well translated.


We love this scale, it really helps you grow as a pour-over brewer. It helps you understand the effect of grind, water, freshness and filtration on the fly. It is the kind of device you miss when you do not have it with you, and you have to brew at a mates.


  • Smart connected
  • Dual data
  • Fast update
  • Data Sharing
  • Flow rate display
  • Timing
  • Pour-over Stand

Tech specs

  • Dimensions: 20×13.5X24.5cm
  • Weight: 605g
  • Accuracy: 0.1g
  • Initial Minimum Weighable: 0.5g
  • Measure Range: 0.5g-1000g-2000g
  • Weight – Time Unit: g – s
  • Battery – Charging: 2300mAh – TYPE-C USB
Coffee brew type

pour-over, manual






Black mirror 2


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