Hario Filter in Cold Brew Coffee Bottle

Wine bottle shaped cold brew coffee bottle

Just by adding coffee grounds and water, you can make iced coffee. Put coffee grounds in the strainer, and place the lid. Set the spout and pour small amounts of water inside. Once the water is poured, put the stopper and gently shake the bottle to start the extraction. Refrigerate for approximately 8 hours for the cold brew to complete.

While we do not stock this item, you can purchase them via Cape Coffee Beans:

Filter-In Cold Brew Coffee Bottle Features & Specifications

  • Hardened glass body
  • Filter & lid assembly made of Polypropylene (Strainer’s Frame), Polyester (Mesh), Silicon Rubber (Spout and Stopper)
  • Made in Japan
  • Removable filter system
  • Sealable lid with stopper for storage
  • ~750ml capacity for up to ~650ml yields




Coffee brew type

Cold Brew


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Hario Filter in Cold Brew Coffee Bottle
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