Mahlkönig E80S Espresso Grinder (On Demand / GBW)

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The Mahlkönig E80S is a premium espresso grinder, with top-notch speed and capacity to handle high volumes. Its patented Disc Distance Detection technology ensures precise control over fineness settings, making it easy and precise to maintain your ideal grinder settings. Available as an on-demand or a grind-by-weight option.

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The Mahlkönig E80S Espresso Grinder is the big brother of the E65s. Designed as a high-volume (more than 30ks per week) commercial grinder made by Mahlkönig.


Mahlkönig, a renowned producer of coffee grinders, offers a wide range of products designed to cater to different types of coffees. Founded in 1926, Mahlkönig has established itself as a market leader in innovation and quality coffee grinders. Notably, the company introduced the groundbreaking “grind-on-demand” principle, emphasizing the advantages of freshly ground coffee. Their latest grinders incorporate cutting-edge technology to optimize the coffee preparation workflow.

As a respected member of the specialty coffee community, Mahlkönig actively supports various world barista events worldwide, further solidifying its reputation. It is worth mentioning that Mahlkönig is now part of the Hemro Group, a prominent conglomerate in the coffee industry.

Mahlkönig E80S Espresso Grinder

The E80S raises the bar for performance and efficiency in premium espresso grinding. With its exceptional grinding speed, this grinder effortlessly handles high daily capacities assisting with a seamless workflow. What sets it apart is the meticulously engineered burr geometry and grinding profile, surpassing even the most demanding expectations and enabling the perfect extraction for an unparalleled taste experience.

Moreover, Mahlkönig’s groundbreaking patented Disc Distance Detection system allows you to precisely adjust the fineness of the grind based on the actual distance between the burrs. This innovative feature ensures that maintaining your ideal grinder settings is not only incredibly easy but also remarkably accurate. Prepare to unlock the limitless potential of “Grinding Unlimited” with the E80S and embark on a journey of exceptional coffee craftsmanship.

The E80S GBW adds cutting-edge real-time Grind-by-Weight technology, and the revolutionary Disc Distance Detection feature. On top of that, with the convenient automatic portafilter detection, maintaining your ideal grind settings becomes a breeze, even during the hectic rush hour in bustling high-volume cafés.


The Mahlkoenig E80S Espresso Grinder has two models:

  • The on-demand model that doses coffee as per milliseconds programmed, or manually.
  • A grind by weight option that will grind coffee into the portafilter to the nearest 0.1g

Key Features

  • Featuring large 80 mm diameter special steel burrs, the grinder ensures consistent and precise grinding results.
  • With a powerful motor that actively controls the temperature, the grinder delivers high-speed performance and optimal grinding conditions.
  • Utilizing Grind-by-Weight technology, the grinder employs a high-precision load cell to control dosing in real-time during the grinding process, ensuring accurate and consistent dosing.
  • The patented Disc Distance Detection (DDD) feature allows for precise adjustment of the degree of fineness, ensuring optimal extraction and customizable grinding.
  • Integrated Portafilter Detection automatically recognizes and adapts to the presence of a portafilter, saving time and ensuring quality assurance.
  • Equipped with an adjustable illuminated spout, the grinder provides a clean and centered coffee outlet, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the grinding process.
  • Operating quietly, the grinder minimizes noise disruptions in the coffee preparation area.
  • The high-resolution 88.3 mm display offers clear and easy-to-read information with a wide viewing angle for enhanced usability.

In summary, the key features of the Mahlkönig grinder include high-quality burrs, a powerful motor with active temperature control, advanced dosing control through Grind-by-Weight technology, precise adjustment of the degree of fineness with Disc Distance Detection, integrated Portafilter Detection, adjustable illuminated spout, quiet operation, and a high-resolution display for improved user experience.


    • Voltage // frequencies // phases // nominal power: 220-240 V // 50/60 Hz // 1~ // 520/600 W
    • Idle speed: 1400 rpm (50 Hz); 1700 rpm (60 Hz)
    • Burr diameter: 80 mm
    • Burr material: Special steel
    • Burr grind life (median setting): ca. 1,500 kg
    • Average grinding capacity*: 50 Hz: 6-7 g/s @ 250 µm
    • Bean hopper capacity: approx. 1800 g
    • Dimensions (w x h x d): 24 x 63 x 34 cm
    • Dimensions of packing (w x h x d): 69.7 x 28.7 x 47.5 cm
    • Net weight: 18.0 kg
    • Gross weight: 19.8 kg
    • Certifications: CE, CB, ETL Safety, ETL Sanitation
    • Conforms to Standards:
      • IEC/EN 60335-1
      • IEC/EN 60335-2-64
    • Certified to:
      • UL 763
      • CSA C22.2 No. 195
      • NSF/ANSI 8
    • Standard colors:
      • Polished aluminum, matte black
      • Polished aluminum, matte black and white




Primary source is Mahlkoenig website. With text changes by Opera’s Aria. Images from Bing image search modified in photoshop and Squoosh.




E80 (GBW), E80S

Coffee brew type



Black, White


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