These Puly Caff Detergent Cleaning tablets can be used in most super-automatic bean-to-cup machines and also most domestic espresso machines.

Comes in two options, the:

  • Tub of 100 x 1g tablets for cleaning the brewer unit on smaller domestic bean to cup coffee machines and small domestic espresso machines or
  • A Tub of 60 x 2.5g tablets for cleaning brewer unit of larger super-automatics and 58 mm size domestic espresso machines.

Use for back flush cleaning with a blind filter on domestic espresso machines or commercial machines. No need to measure the amount of cleaner, as the pills are the correct size.

Puly Caff Tablets are the compressed pill like tablet detergent cleaners used for the cleaning cycles on bean to cup espresso coffee machines.

They are biodegradable and have been tested and consequently certified by NSF International for the possible effects on health and for the corrosives of specific professional chemical detergents for espresso coffee machines.




Puly Caff


1g, 2.5g


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