Sanremo Zeo Espresso Machine (1Gp and 2 Gp)

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The ZOE Espresso machines are semi-automatic coffee machine with continuous delivery and an LED keypad.

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The Sanremo Zeo Espresso Machines offer good value for those on a budget.

Sanremo Zoe Espresso Machine

The ZOE Espresso machines are semi-automatic coffee machine with continuous delivery and an LED keypad. It is available in 12, or 3 group versions.

Key Features

Some key components include:

  • TypeSemi-Automatic Espresso Machine
  • Dosing System: The SAP version allows the doses to be programmed by the user, ensuring precise electronic dosing.
  • Pre-Infusion: It features ACTIVATED ELECTRONIC PRE-INFUSION, managing the delayed activation of the water solenoid during brewing.
  • Shot Timer: Accurately times coffee extraction.
  • LED Lighting: Illuminates your coffee-making process.
  • Steam Wands: The new revolution steam wands come with a cool touch feature.
  • Electronic Auto-Level: The boiler is automatically filled and maintained at the right level.
  • Double Reading Gauge: Allows simultaneous monitoring of boiler pressure and distribution pressure.
  • Easy Service: Quick access to internal parts for technical service.
  • Automatic Cleaning Cycle: Simplifies coffee group cleaning.
  • Frame: The sturdy structure that holds everything together.
  • Boiler: The copper boiler holds water for brewing and steaming.
  • Drip Tray: Collects any drips or spills.
  • Pressure Switch Control Unit: Ensures optimal pressure during brewing.
  • Rotary Pump: Creates the necessary pressure for espresso extraction.
  • Vibration Damper Puffer: Reduces vibrations.
  • Bottom Front Panel: Aesthetic and functional.
  • Telescopic Foot: Adjusts the machine’s height.
  • Flow Regulator: Controls water flow.
  • Universal Drip Tray Hose Clip: Secures the drip tray hose.
  • Various Panels: Available in different colors (e.g., glossy black, red, purple, etc.)1.


  • Height: 602mm (1grp) / 720mm (2grp) 
  • Tray to Group Head Height: 900mm / 140mm  (tall version)
  • Width: 720mm
  • Depth: 528mm / 537mm

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Steam Boiler Capacity: 9 liters
  • Pump Power: 0.15 KW
  • Net Weight: 55 Kg
  • Gross Weight (with shipping crate): 59 Kg

This espresso machine is perfect for cafes, restaurants, or coffee enthusiasts who appreciate quality and precision.


San Remo


1 Group, 2 Group


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