Arabica down in price to a year low

After the last 12 months of continuous price hikes in Arabica coffees on the traded markets, we are finally seeing a reversal in price trend. This is excellent news for coffee lovers, even those of us at quality end of the market. Even though Quaffee only considers coffee that is shade and mountain grown, that is normally bought before the traded market can lay their hands on it, the trading price does affect our prices too.

If you do a year on year comparison prices are only off 5%, but this is a trend that has shown it will continue, since the scare about world crop shortages earlier this year has been unfounded. Yes there have been weather conditions that have not helped, but production is mostly up in the quality production belt.

So, you ask yourself, when will this translate to savings here? Well the reason why this is great news for us is that our most popular coffees are all about to be harvested. So it means that we may be able to get close to last years prices on the coffee we were offering from Columbia and Peru. Also the Ethiopian coffee should be able to sustain their prices, but we will wait to see that.

We look forward to getting news on our old favourites La Piramide and Los Naranjos, since we are out of both from last year’s crop.

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