Commentary on Espresso Calibration Video – by Tim Wendelboe

Besides the traditional Y+D+T (Yield, Dose and Time) – equation we have been interested in the effect grinder fineness and coarseness has on the final coffee in the cup.

In the video How we make Espresso by Tim Wendelboe (see below), we found our answer – at around 5:20:

Summary of grinder setting

Once settling on your Dose and Yield, you can tweak end taste of the coffee by adjusting your grinder (this will obviously adjust time):

  • finer – will increase the sweetness of the coffee, however it can it more bitter
  • coarser – will increase the acidity, but can make it more sour.

Obviously Does and Yield will also affect the outcome, but we start with that as a constant.

Other things of interest

  • The second shot they took had a problem, watch their commentary on the video about channeling.
  • They use a 20g calibrated basket, and a ratio of 1:2 for this coffee. This ratio for me does tend to assist in reducing the sourness especially for East African coffees.


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