COVID-19 – Our response

We hope this communication finds you well. In times of a pandemic how else do you start?

In January, we sent out a communication that discussed sustainability, and how it is a chain. The Covid-19 pandemic has rattled this chain. You – at the end of it may be feeling the wiggling and not sure of your own future.

We want to help keep you supplied in coffee beans, and as a result we can go some way to ensure so economic stability for our staff, supplier’s staff and all those before them in the economic sustainability chain of coffee going forward.

The government has deemed non-alcoholic beverages as an essential. And while we cannot brew you some, we are still planning to roast coffee for you to use to brew some (on limited days). While we anticipate that many of you may have stocked up already, we are looking at providing (albeit limited) a few of our coffees on a weekly basis.

We have applied for and received our COVID-19 essential services certificate (actually all you need to do is apply, and then the onus is on you to prove that your offering is essential). And are looking to roast and dispatch coffee via courier. The Courier we have used before is The Courier Guy. Their minimum cost is R55 X VAT for Cape Town deliveries and R110 X VAT for major centres. For Cape Town deliveries we Not charge delivery for order R450 or more, and Major Centre R650 or more. the other areas are as per normal.

COVID-19 Precautions?

There are a number of theories being touted as to how long the virus lasts on surfaces. The longest we know about is 72 hours. Only one of us (me – Warren) will be working in the roastery while we are under lockdown. I will be regularly washing my hands as I roast and pack. I will then be handing the coffee in a courier bag over to the courier. The courier will take at least 2 working days to deliver.

This does mean that there is a small a risk of the virus still being there IF an infected person touched the packaging. Here are a number of choices:

  1. Wash the packaging with soap and water. Then wash your hands.
  2. Leave packaging in a “holding” area for 3 days, then touch the packaging.
  3. Open the courier packaging and dump the coffee that was in there (in its packaging) into a holding area for the balance of the 72 hours (it takes typically 2 working days for the parcel to get there).

Which coffees?

We will try to offer a small range of coffees. The website will have everything marked out of stock except for the 6 coffees we will offer. We will not be offering blends during this time. We will probably offer the coffee we are able to stock in these categories:

  • Brazilian
  • Central and South American
  • African
  • Asian
  • Commodity grade (for those on a budget)
  • A decaf

If we run out of stock of these we may have to substitute them.

Which day will we roast and dispatch?

Coffee will be roasted and packed Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Our standard delivery and dispatch days can be read here…

What about maintenance materials?

If people order these we will add that to the coffee orders. But we are only enabling the maintenance and cleaning products.

Can I collect?

At the moment only from Buitenverwachting Monday to Friday 10am – 3pm and Saturday 10am – 12pm.

How do I order?

Email or order online via


We started a 21-day count down via social media going through 21 days of how coffee get to you. This is posted on Instagram and shared on twitter and Facebook. With the extension we are looking for a new topic, any ideas?

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