Day 1 (Pedregal) Colombia & La Piramide farmer Jesus Angel

After leaving Bogota without seeing a single sight (we got through customs and to our hotel by 22:00 after a day of traveling) then left for the airport at 04:30, we arrived at Neiva, and Javier collected us and off we went past magnificent Colombia vistas to La Plata.

Frog Quaffer above poking at the La Piramide mountains.

We stopped at Caravela’s la Plata warehouse and QC and were introduced to the team there. Wilmer and Fabián

The area is actually Pedregal we call (actually Caravela do) the coffee from the region La Piramide a collection of a particular taste profile from around 30 farmers.

La Piramide is in Cauca but it is on the border of Huila. In fact to get to most of Cauca you need to go around the mountains, you cannot get there from here.

Then off we went to the first from on their list of farms that contribute to La Piramide, which is a total of 20 farmers. The farm was short hike from the main road.

Fabiana and Javier hiking up to the farm

Jesus Angel, whose farm is Finca La Albania, was an extremely welcoming man. After the customary sit down and greet (this is the standard, or at least was at most of the Fincas we visited)  we had some Jugo and then we saw his farm. This farm is 2 hectares and he grows Caturra and Colombia F6. He also has another farm that he grows Caturra, F6 and Castillo (more on this later, but Caravela do not accept any coffee of this variety).

The other farms is 2 hours away and he brings coffee after de-pulp to this farm. He is enjoying working with Caravela, it has changed his life earring the extra money.

This farm is called La Albania. His Moms’ name is Alba, his other farm is El Danubio. One of his coffees got an 86 at the local QC. He typically hires 5 pickers for 2 hector. Has issues getting pickers (I think this will be covered in the general post about Colombia to come later).

Caturra above. The tress where pruned 4 years ago the trees are 10 yrs old.

The Caravela team looked around the farm and made some suggestions about natural compost and replacing his berry feeding tank with a plastic one then he can do a floating tank and remove unrepentant, damaged or bad coffees. (Fernando is the one bending down)

We then were invited for lunch, and had a traditional soup and meal of chicken with rice:

After the lunch we said goodbye and headed to the next farmer that forms part of the La Piramide offering.

Below a pic of the Angel’s house, Jesus and his wife and the de-pulping station behind.


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