Jura Error Messages

The Jura‘s are exceptionally reliable, and hence seeing an error message on a Jura machine is rare. In the rare event that this does occur then here are some guidelines:

ERROR 1, ERROR 3,ERROR 4, ERROR 5Please Contact us or Jura your machine needs to be returned for service.
ERROR 2Your machine is too cold. The heating sensor in not responding:


  • Turn the machine off.
  • Keep the machine at normal room temperature (18°C or higher) for 2 hours.
  • Then turn it on again.
  • If display still shows ERROR 2, your machine needs to be returned for service.
Follow these steps:


  • Turn machine off, turn the main power switch off and unplug machine for at least one minute.
  • Turn machine on again. If the error message comes up again, try one more time.
  • If the message persists, Contact Us your machine needs to be returned for service.

Preventing error messages

Many of the error messages are a result of poor service. Since we have found this to be the case we have put together a maintenance schedule for you to use. Read more here…


Does your Jura need repairs? With this intention read our repair notes here….

Provided that you are one our supply and service contract clients, we will take care of it for you.

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