Rainforest Alliance certification or RFA

Just like Quaffee, Rainforest Alliance or RFA’s logo has a frog. This is totally by coincidence, or perhaps it is because there are similar values. We are pro sustainable growing of coffee, and pro preserving heirloom forests, and planting more.

Rainforest Alliance

Sustainable agriculture is at the centre of the Rainforest Alliance’s efforts to conserve ecosystems by protecting healthy soils, rivers and wildlife and by promoting dignified living conditions for farm workers and neighbouring rural communities.

The mission of the sustainable agriculture program is to integrate productive agriculture, biodiversity conservation and human development. Farmers, companies, cooperatives and landowners who participate in our programs meet comprehensive, rigorous social and environmental standards.

The Rainforest Alliance provides farmers with incentives to meet the highest quality standards, and encourages companies and consumers to support the farms making improvements toward sustainability.

You can read more on their website: rainforest-alliance.org

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