Summary of Falcon Field Notes June 2023

Falcon Specialty sends us a summary of the market twice a month, and sometimes we find it worth sharing. The notes are from Falcon Field Notes June 2023, this time we used Bing chat to summarise, an even give us a drawing.


Below is a summary of Falcon’s report on the global coffee market as of June 2023. It covers the production, export, demand, price, and weather conditions of various coffee-producing countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Indonesia. It also provides some insights into the impact of El Niño, leaf rust, power outages, and transport issues on the coffee supply chain.

Falcon Field Notes June 2023 Summary

Here are some of the main points:

  • Brazil’s 2023/24 crop is ahead of schedule and well-capitalised, but exports are slow due to low international demand and high local currency.
  • Colombia’s production and exports are down due to El Niño and weak differentials, but the weather is favourable for the next crop’s development.
  • Drought and leaf rust affect the yields of Honduras and Nicaragua, which are in peak harvest season. Exports are improving but differentials are falling.
  • Peru’s harvest is picking up in the north and central regions, but quality is variable. Differentials are low due to muted demand and exporter selling.
  • Rwanda’s production is down by 30% due to drought, but quality is improved. Export activities are slow due to heavy rain and power outages.
  • Ethiopia’s production and exports are also down due to drought and transport issues. There is a lot of coffee in the hands of suppliers in the interior, but prices are low.
  • Indonesia’s Java crop is larger than last year and reaching its peak, but Sumatra’s fly crop is nearly finished. While quality is good, prices are down due to rain and burst cherries.

Original notes are © Falcon Coffee.

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