The good, the bad and the ugly truth – Newsletter Oct 2022

Good news

After our 1000 hands news last month, where we told you we had lost the African coffees we thought we had secured, the good news is that through some great work by the hands of those at Sevenoaks, we have been able to get some of the coffee back. Due to a requirement where we had to prepay all coffee we could, we have only secured enough African coffee to get us through too early next year.

From today, you will see the coffees are available:

The bad news

The bad news is that even though we are lucky to get the coffees, they were procured at new prices. The increase in price handed on to us was around 20%, so we have had to pass that on.

Also, on the bad news front is that the Timor Leste we were hoping for has still not arrived. We are hoping this will be available before the end of 2022.

Vineyard Hotel-based roastery closed permanently

Further bad news is that we permanently closed the Vineyard Hotel roastery. The hotel has decided to expand the coffee shop, and the roastery is the area that makes the most sense to use. We have operated the exhibition roastery there for over six years, which has been a great exercise. However, it has added little value to us at Quaffee or the Vineyard Hotel.

The ugly truth

With global inflation flirting with double figures for the first time, a dominant US dollar, repercussions of the logistical nightmare following the COVID-19 pandemic, and rampant coffee prices, the ugly truth is that coffee prices have shot up again. The price increases we have been subjected to this year alone (since April) have been between 50 and 80%. Add to that the supply has not kept up with demand, which means we cannot even get the coffees we want.

We have just paid for our new shipment of Colombian and central coffees, and these prices have increased over 50% since April this year.

What does this mean for you?

 Well, we are hoping that the current stock at the old prices will last until 2023. We will then review prices in January and adjust. However, if things continue as they have, we may need to adjust sooner.

And now for something completely different

For those that supported Winston Thomas, you may be interested that he is currently in Australia. We think he did a great job representing South Africa and wish him well. His set can be watched here:

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