Updated coffee brew guide 2021

In a recent video posted on the Reco channel the Lockheart brew graph from 1958 has been revisited. A presentation by Bille Ristenpart was posted:

Bill Ristenpart | State & Future of Specialty Coffee Industry | Re:co 2020.

Below we summarise some points, but we strongly recommend you watch this interesting video.

Some take aways

A few take aways from this video:

  • The Lockheart Brew chart needed a refresh, especially it needed to take in to consideration, changes in coffee and changes in roast style
  • Light, medium and dark roasted coffees product very different flavour notes, and this affects the flavours extracted.
  • Importantly the brew chart was an average. The research done by Bill and his team has shown that average does not suit anyone, in fact there are two major consumer groups those that like the extremes and those that like sweet coffee (see below).
  • Flavour notes are linked to both roast style and the ratio of the brew.
  • Grind size is a factor.

Two distinct groups of consumers

Different flavours over roast level

New brewing chart

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