The BrewTool WDT Espresso needle tool has become an essential accessory.

WDT Tool

The WDT (Weiss Distribution Technique) is an effective method for breaking down clumps and achieving even distribution of coffee grounds. By utilizing a fine needle or similar utensil, baristas and coffee enthusiasts can enhance the flavor and consistency of their coffee extractions.

Developed by John Weiss in 2005, the technique addresses the issue of clumping caused by certain grinders. Since then, baristas and coffee enthusiasts have widely adopted this approach.

To break down clumps and achieve a more even density of ground coffee, the WDT utilizes tools equipped with at least five needles. These needles effectively separate the clumps and promote better water flow during extraction.


By ensuring a more consistent extraction, the technique enhances the overall flavor profile of your coffee.


To use a BrewTool WDT Tool, simply insert the needles into the portafilter basket and gently stir the coffee grounds in a circular or back-and-forth motion. This action guarantees that all the coffee particles are adequately separated and distributed.

BrewTool WDT Specifications

  • Number of neddles: 8
    Neddles are fixed are not replacable.
    Total length: 150mm
    Needle Length: 76mm
    Diameter: 2cm
    Body Material: polished aluminium
    Needle Material: 304 food-grade stainless steel







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