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BrewTool espresso dosing ring / funnel / collar (magentic)

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The BrewTool espresso dosing ring is a simple and valuable accessory for espresso enthusiasts and professionals, providing a tidy and consistent method for dosing coffee grounds into the portafilter. If you use WDT we recommend it.

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The BrewTool espresso dosing ring is a good value offering for the home Barista.


Brew Tool is a brand that was created by Equipment Café, as affordable coffee and espresso accessories. BrewTool is made by reputable manufacturers in China for the South African market.

What is an Espresso Dosing Ring?

If you use a BrewTool WDT Tool then this is the perfect addition.


A dosing ring is designed to fit securely around the portafilter of an espresso portafilter. Designed to create a protection ring that prevents ground coffee from spilling over the edges during the dosing and distribution of coffee grounds.
Using one with a WDRT tool is recommended which can assist with a more consistent and balanced extraction when brewing espresso.


  • Compatibility: The BrewTool Dosing ring is compatible with all 58 cm portafilters. Additionally, it is equipped with magnets that facilitate easy attachment to the basket. For smaller portafilters, a small rubber ring is included to assist with fitting, although this means the magnets do not automatically attach the unit,
  • Material: Constructed from stainless steel and aluminum, the dosing ring offers durability and easy cleaning.
  • Design: The dosing ring boasts a wide, flat base that securely rests on the rim of the portafilter. Its narrow funnel-shaped body effectively guides the coffee grounds into the filter basket, ensuring a neat and precise process.
  • Ease of Use: Featuring an ergonomic design for effortless handling, the dosing ring is also designed to be easily detachable for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Consistency: Dosing rings prevent coffee grounds from spilling, thereby contributing to the consistency of the espresso-making process. This aspect holds particular significance in commercial settings and for home baristas who prioritize precision in their craft.
  • Magentic: The ring / collar has magnets that attached it to the 58mm portafitler. If you have a smaller portafitler it has a rubber gasket that allows you to use it on the smaller portafilter.

How to use?

To use an espresso dosing ring, you can follow these steps :

  1. Place the dosing ring on top of your portafilter basket, since this one is magnetic it will clip into place.
  2. Dose your coffee grounds into the portafilter with dosing ring attached.
  3. If you have one, use a WDT tool to distribute the grinds around the portafiler, or tap the side of the basket to distribute.
  4. Use a tamper to tamp the coffee grounds.
  5. Remove the dosing ring and tamp again if necessary.
  6. Insert the portafilter into the espresso machine.





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R275.00 incl. VAT

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