This Costa Rican Cascara is sourced via Marunic Trading, who in turn sourced this from Exclusive Coffees from Costa Rica.

What is Cascara

Coffee is the pip of a fruit that looks like a cherry. In general this fruit is either dried on the coffee bean (as per natural processed coffees) or for honey or washed coffees the fruit is removed from the pip first, using a de-pulper.

Typically, the fruit is discarded or used as compost. If a producer is interested in making a fruit tea rather, the skin and pulp are dried to make a fruit tea. It does take a bit of work to dry, since the fruit needs to be dried so that it does not ferment. If done properly it produces a very enjoyable fruit tea.

Typical Cascara

Cascara’s texture profile is similar to many other fruit teas. While it is made from the cherry from a coffee tree it is more fruity and floral with flavours that resemble hibiscus, cherry, red fruits, and rose hip. You can enjoy it hot as Tea, or Cold (even adding a Lemon).

Brewing Suggestion

  • Use a plunger (or U-French-Press), AeroPress or a jug and then a strainer.
  • Add the cascara to the brewing vessel. For a milder version use 8g for a stronger version use12g of cascara
  • 200ml filtered water at 95-98 degrees Celsius
  • Immerse/Infuse the cherries in hot water for 4-7 minutes (depending on strength desired).
  • Plunger or filter the fruit out.

Drink it with hot or cold. Try to add  ice, lemon, strawberries, orange. Have fun.

Nutritional composition of this Cascara

For a portion: 100g

Energy 768 (KCal)
Fat 1 (g)
Carbohydrates 75 (g)
Protein 4 (g)
Fibre 30 (g)
Caffeine 1.5 (g)
Sodium/Magnesium 45 (mg)







Costa Rica


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