Filtro Thermos M2 bulk filter coffee machine

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Perfect for offices and events. The Filtro Thermos M2, brews coffee directly into the a thermos (purchased seperately) , thereby making sure the coffee is stil delicious when enjoyed. Replaces the Queen Thermos M2.

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The Filtro Thermos M2 replaces the Queen M2. It is made in Turkey and suppored locally by Equipment Cafe.

Perfect for offices and events

Since the Filtro Thermos M2, brews directly into a Thermos flask. As a result coffee can be consumed as if it was freshly brewed, for hours after the brew. Using a single machine you can brew into seperate Themos flasks and serve over 100 cups of coffee as quick as it takes to press the plunger.

For great coffee from the Filtro we recommend 55g of coffee per 1litre of water. So for a brew in the M2 which does 2.2ltrs 121 grams of ground coffee, will produce a great coffee.


Brewing Time7 minutes for 2.2litres of water in. this will result in around 1.8litres in the final brew.
Dimensions (cm) (W x H x D)19 × 37 × 58 cm
Power (V/W)220V / 2.2kW
Weight (kg)6.5kg
Capacity144 cups/hour

Optional Extras

How many coffees do you typically serve, do you offer standard and decaf coffee. All you need is to purchase a flask per offfering. Remember to add filter papers and coffee too.






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Filtro Thermos M2 filter machineFiltro Thermos M2 bulk filter coffee machine
R6,450.00 incl. VAT
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