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Kemgin, Ninety Plus (Ethiopia – W)

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Sorry, we no longer are able to stock this great coffee. The last shipment we received took almost 14 months to be sold, so we have decided not to source at the moment.

Kemgin, Ninety Plus (Ethiopia). A rather special washed coffee from the Gedio region region of Ethiopia. Peach, honeydew and ginseng apparent.

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Kemgin, Ninety Plus washed coffee from around Gedio, sourced direct.

Ninety Plus

Few names in the coffee industry have a reverence equal to Ninety Plus. In the last 6 years between 3 and 8 World Barista competitors have used coffees from Ninety Plus.

The principle behind their coffee is control of every process: from ecological cultivation to proprietary processing to packing and distribution. As one of a handful of companies that are involved in the complete process from growing to dispatch to the roaster, Ninety Plus is a rarity in coffee.

Their name implies that all their coffees score 90 or more out of 100 in the SCAA cupping score.

Levels and Processing

Besides taste profiles, all Ninety Plus coffees are rated on the method of processing and their scarcity. While the least scarce for the year is a Level 7 the scarcest is a level 95.

Most noteworthy is that Level 95 coffees are very scarce and are normally sold out very quickly, even though they sell for over $650 per kilogram. Level 7 and 12 are still excellent coffees and represent an opportunity to access the ninety plus seed to vacuum pack green.

Kemgin, Ninety Plus

Kemgin, Ninety Plus

From the ninety plus site: “Inspired by a coffee from Nekemte in 2009, Kemgin selections are lively with clear, light citrus and ginseng”.

Wellega, Sidama, and Yirgacheffee regions have produced coffees that ninety plus identify as a Kemgin taste profile. Kemgin 2015 was developed in Yirgacheffee

Since coffee that makes up the taste profile of Kemgin comes from the same geography that coffees known as Yirgacheffee come from, we cupped this coffee against one of the best Yirga Cheffee coffees we had tasted. We found this was the best washed coffee in the lot that we tasted. The lot we have was a Level 7.

The taste profile that the ninety plus people are looking for in the coffees that make up this coffee is peach dominant. But what is more impressive is how enjoyable the coffee is. See if you can find flavours like peach, lime, honeydew, ginseng and even milk chocolate in your brew.


Region: Wellega, Yirgacheffe, Sidama Province Ethiopia
Processing: Washed coffee, coffee is dried at the wet mill rather than on raised beds, with precise control on tossing the coffee until the desired moisture level is achieved within a specific time span (this is meant to be vague as it is a proprietary process)
Cultivar: 100% Arabica Heirloom.
Altitude grown: 1800-2050 meters above sea level (masl).
Type: Small region taste profile selected coffee.
Prime Attributes: Fruity and Floral.
Roast used: To promote the lime we introduce heat early powering the turn then easing off slightly so that when fully brown we can rush into first crack to control the roast through that until we drop it after 60 seconds into first crack.

5 ★ Limited


floral, fruit, spice, sweet

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Ninety Plus, Quaffee




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