Coffee Market news Jan 2023

We get news curated by Falcon Coffee on a fortnightly basis about the general trends in the coffee market. On occasion we will summarise these. Below is a summary we produced using ChatGPT.

Coffee Market news Jan 2023, a summary

Market Overview

  • There was a strong rebound on the ICE arabica and LIFFE robusta markets with prices surging on high traded volumes.
  • The near months moved to a premium over the far months for both arabica and robusta.

Commitment of Traders (COT)

  • Speculators held a 40,020 lot net short position on Jan 24th, which has been tracking the movement of coffee prices.
  • Roasters were good buyers and producers became more active as prices increased over the last fortnight.

Coffee Origins

  • Mild differentials are trading at levels well above previous years, with Colombian and Honduran FOB diffs trading towards +60c/lb and +35c/lb respectively against the ICE arabica market.
  • Brazil diffs increased as futures prices dropped, with Vietnamese 22/23 crop below expectations and 10% below production from the previous year.


The coffee market is showing signs of growth with a strong rebound on the ICE arabica and LIFFE robusta markets, and differentials trading at elevated levels. Despite speculators holding a net short position, roasters and producers have been active buyers. Rain continues to impact prospects for crops, with the Brazilian 23/24 crop expected to be disappointing and the Vietnamese 22/23 crop below expectations.


  • Falcon fortnightly coffee report
  • ChatGPT
  • DALL-E for the post image.

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