Quaffee Newsletter Nov 2021 – coffees, closing date & Vineyard


A short and sweet update, with:

  • Coffees:
    • A festive blend
    • A new long miles coffee project coffee
  • Our closing dates for 2021
  • An update on the Vineyard
Quaffee Festive News Nov 2021 Web


Festive Blend

Instead of joining in the strange tradition that we imported from the US, which extended one or maybe two days, we thought we would take the concept and add our take. Black Friday is about pricing and comes after Thanksgiving. So, our way of saying thanks is to offer a festive blend at a price that is hard to refuse.

You can read more about the blend here…

New Long Miles

We love the work the Long miles coffee project started in 2011. We are proud to have been able to offer a coffee from almost every season from their Burundi project since then. The coffees represent some of the most remarkable coffees we have offered. Kinyovu is their latest one we have on offer; it is an outstanding coffee.

You can read more about the coffee here…

Closing dates 2021

We will be closing the roastery on 23 December and reopening on 6 January 2021. For 2021 last orders will be received by morning 21 December, and the first orders for 2022 will be 3 January 2022, delivery from 4 January 2022. No fire sale, 23 December.

Vineyard Roastery

After our last update on the roastery based at the Vineyard Hotel, we had a few offers, allowing us to have our coffee and drink it. Sino was redeployed to assist another roastery, and we were able to keep the Vineyard Roastery open Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Now we are back to four days a week being there. Sino is roasting away Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The Vineyard Blend has changed to match the season and is available on our website to order or brewed at the Vineyard Hotel. You need to book to have access to their sit-downs, and it has become quite busy there.

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