Quaffee Newsletter Oct 2021 – coffee, coffee, coffee


A short update about three coffees, so no mind map.

Quaffee Newsletter Oct 2021 – coffee, coffee, coffee. South African Mpenjati, Beyond espresso blend, and Sidama price increase.

1.      Mpenjati South Africa

After over a decade, we have finally found a South African coffee we can offer to all. We are very excited to offer these coffees and look forward to an extended relationship with Des from Mpenjati Coffees. We have 15kg of a Yellow Honey and 45kgs of washed processed coffees on hand. The coffees are tasty, and we are hoping for great things to come from this early relationship.

Read all about the coffees here…

2.      Beyond

Amid the Covid-19 epidemic, the restaurant at Buitenverwachting went through a complete change. Now called Beyond, this is the passion project of Paul Templehoff. Peter approached us to create a signature blend for the restaurant. The result is a blend called Beyond. The blend is in the line of a classic espresso blend, tweaked by Paul and his team’s preference.

Read more about it here…

3.      Sidama or Sidamo

Sidama Grade 2 has been a stalwart of our high-end commodity coffee offering almost since day one. The coffee has always offered outstanding value for the price we have been able to offer it. Over the last 18 months, the commodity coffee price has doubled (read more here…). Sidama’s price to us has increased by around 60%. While we were sorting out the current crop, we left the price for Sidama at an unsustainable level (for us). As a result, we will have to increase this retail price. The total increase will be around R100 / kilogram. While as a consumer, this is perhaps a hard pill to swallow, remember coffee is the livelihood of many. Paying more means more food on a table, a permanent roof, or even an extra child able to go to school.

We are looking at other commodity coffees to try and fill this gap and will keep you informed via the various channels, FOMO or not.


Times have been tough for us and many others over the last year and a half. However, I have to thank every one of you that reached out to us. It is this that keeps our spirits up. Knowing that many of you love the coffees we offer and how we roast them is a part of what sustains us each day.

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