Quaffee’s November 2022 Newsletter (festive coffee, closing dates, Kombucha)


Firstly, thanks to all of those that have supported us this year. You are the reason we do what we do.

To be covered:

  • Festive coffee
  • Closing dates
  • Something different
  • Pre-warning for coffee prices next year
Quaffee's November 2022 Newsletter

Festive coffee

Last year we started a tradition of finding a coffee exclusively for the festive season. This year we have a coffee that tastes like tropical fruit with a cocoa finish. Now that is festive!

You can read all about the Colombian El Puente natural here….

Closing dates

With less than six weeks left this year, we are looking forward to a break, as we are sure many of you are. Our last delivery or dispatch day will be December 21st/sup> 2022. Our next delivery and dispatch day with be January 4th 2023.

We will have our no-fire sale on the morning of December 22nd. All coffees not sold by 21st will be sold at almost half price on a first-come, first-served basis.

Something different

With summer now in full bloom, we have been playing with something a little different. Wanna join us in making Kombucha from Cascara, the fruit of the coffee tree? We usually consume just the pip of the fruit; now, you can make something unique from the customarily discarded fruit.

We have put together a recipe for making this, with pointers to what you need. Read how to make Cascara Kombucha.


Pre-warning for coffee prices next year

We have already mentioned this in our last newsletter. From the end of January, we will have to increase our prices to match the increases we have been hit with, both on the coffee side, the currency side and the fuel and gas side. Worldwide inflation is almost over 10%. We have not been left unscathed, with increases of over 100% on some of our coffee this year. Our new coffees have landed, and we will release them next year.


Finally, we truly appreciate the support we have had this year and over COVID-19. While we have not been able to keep all the jobs at Quaffee, we have survived thanks to our customers who have supported us.

Thank you.

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