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This page is dedicated to guiding coffee lovers on how to maintain their machines, produces the brews they love and any other type of guide we have been asked to put together

Jura Related Guides

For you the user to always make the the cup of coffee you want, we have put together a few guides, at the request of our many users. We do add to these guides from time to time especially on the request of clients.

The guides are created by Quaffee for their clients to be abel to use their machines to the full potential.

Description Document (right click to download)
X/F50 Maintenance including:
  • Cleaning Process
  • Descaling Process
  • Changing a filter
Jura Impressa F50 Quick ReferenceMaintenance Guide
Frother Maintenance for:
  • Easy Frother &
  • Profi Frother
How to perform Jura Frother Cleaning
Coffee Varieties, including:
  • Cappuccino
  • Café Latte
Milk varities with a Jura Impressa F50

Coffee Brew Principia

Many people ask us the principle behind the perfect brew, here is a guide that we have put together based on our experience and the way the Jura brewing unit is programmed:

Rule 1:
Fresh Roasted Only

Always use fresh roasted coffee. Coffee is best 6-8 hours after roasting and will retain its aroma for up to 2 weeks, and flavour for about 2 and a half. Our tests on freezing our coffees found that aroma is preserved for 2 months, while flavour just under three months. See FAQ for more details about this

Rule 2:
Fresh Ground

Always grind coffee as you are about to brew it. Typically ground coffee looses half its aroma every 3 hours and half its flavour every 6 hours. The newer the grind the more life it has in your mouth

Rule 3:
Delectable Water

Use fresh, clean water that you enjoy drinking, the rule of thumb is that you should enjoy drinking the water that you would add. Technically this normally means that it has a hardness less than 10°(dH), and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) parts per million of more than 50, less than 250

Rule 4:
Prepare Brewer

Always prepare the coffee brewing equipment as you are about to brew. Make sure it is clean, ready and at the correct temperature so that the equipment is eased into the brew, and at no more or no less than 5°C of the temperature you are going to brew the coffee at. If preparing an espresso for the first time then run water through the brewer for at least 10 seconds, before you make you favourite brew

Rule 5:
Perfect Temperature

Coffee brewing water should be just below boiling point (as measured at sea level), between 93 and 95°C is best. If the water temperature is too high, your coffee will taste bitter (and for espresso brew have a reduced amount of crema) – if it is too low, the coffee will taste acidic, flavourless and watery.

Rule 6:
Match Extraction to Method

Your brewing time must match the method you use to expose the grinds to the water. For pressure based espresso 17 to 25 seconds is optimal to expose the flavours, and reducing the bitter after taste

Rule 7:
Clean your Brewer

After brewing dispose the grinds and rinse the filter completely at least. This helps with Rule 4

Rule 8:
Drink Immediately

Coffee is most enjoyable in the first five minutes after being brewed. These are the magic moments to enjoy your brew. Ever tried reheating coffee - yuk! (i.e. like instant)

Other Guides

Clean, service or descale your machine, make varieties the way a pro does...

Frothing And Temperature Jura Frother Cleaning Maintenance F50 Coffee Varieties
More about making the best froth and sorting out temperature A downloadable guide for how to clean either the easy or the professional Jura frother Keen to know how to run a process to clean, decalcify or change filters. Looking for a maintenance schedule then here it is Make a cappuccino or a latté with your professional frother. We show yo how on an F50


Is there something you would like to know how to do that is not listed here? Contact Us we will prepare one and post it as soon as we can.

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