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Are you serious about getting the best prepared cup of your favourite coffee, barista free, then it is time to consider a Jura fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine. These machines produce excellent crema on all coffee varieties. The Jura range freshly grinds the coffee beans, pre brews the fresh grinds and then pumps hot water through at a selectable 92 or 95°C to produce a high quality brew. Add to that the fact that almost the complete range can also froth and heat milk using steam at a temperature of around 125°C.

We only sell ‘Jura’, Europe's most sought after brand, a fully automatic, two-cup coffee machine range, designed and made in Switzerland. Jura machines are, we believe, the only coffee machines on the market that offer quality and all the necessary features at a reasonable price. Whether you are a coffee lover looking for a coffee machine at home or at business, we will match a coffee machine to your needs.

From espresso to latte to cappuccino, capable of producing up to 200 cups a day per machine these coffee makers are the crema of the crop. Combined with Quaffee’s fresh roasted Arabica coffees, you are guaranteed the finest cup of coffee, every time, at a push of a button.

Why Jura Coffee Machines?

We reviewed the fully automatic coffee machines on the market and the only one we found up to scratch was the Jura. Many of the recognised brands are made under license for them Jura are a specialize fully independent coffee machine manufacturer. The are also fully supported in South Africa, with trained technicians, and access to parts going back decades

Besides Jura's credentials we considered the following criteria when we were looking for a quality reliable coffee maker. Listed and explained below in no particular order:

Functionality Design Usability
Whatever your preference, espresso, black, latte or cappuccino, the Jura prepares all coffee varieties with ease, pre-infusing the coffee, and lights up the cup area. It is one of the best fully automatic coffee machines available that is a true two-cup coffee machine. We wanted the coffee machine we recommended to look great in a boardroom and a kitchen, and the Jura range fits in an may even steal the show. Solidly built with no flimsy buttons and cheap-looking dials and plastics - pure quality by design. The coffee machine is very easy to use. Even those with no experience of an automatic coffee maker can use the Jura coffee machines within minutes. Making cappuccino and espresso varieties with ease. A simple press of a button is all that is required
Easy to Maintain Serviceability Quality

Maintenance of a Juratwo cup coffee machines is easy to maintain and run.

  • Water is Easy to fill - To fill the water there is no need to disassemble the coffee machine, simply take the water canister to the tap using its integrated handle. With the filter addition you can even add standard tap water.
  • Adding Beans is Simple - Merely lift the bean lid, remove the aroma preserver and add fresh coffee beans
  • Easy grind removal - We found the Jura Impressa range of coffee machines has the easiest mechanism for removing the coffee grinds. Unlike many other automatic coffee machines, the Juras do not require the coffee machine to be moved or opened in order to remove the spent coffee grinds.
  • A special flap is designed to add the maintenance material when required, requiring no disassembly of the machines

We have found that serviceability is probably the most important for us.

Each Jura two cup automatic coffee machine is easily serviceable with features like these:

  • Cup counter - the coffee machine knows how many cups you have made. Important for servicing and tracking. Not available on Ena and C-5 machines
  • Cleaning Cycle - Each Jura Impressa machine knows when it needs to be cleaned
  • Sensors - every coffee machine senses when the water is about to run out, when the coffee grind container is full or when the coffee beans have run out. It also warns you so you don’t waste fresh coffee or water
  • And all this is controlled by an on board computer, just like a modern car, we use this on board computer to service it. We connect our computer and it tells us everything we need to know.

Jura is known world wide for its quality coffee machines. And we have found the local support fantastic too. This quality translastes in to each machine:

  • The Jura brewing and dispensing unit is made from high quality, durable materials, the grinder is a high slow turning dosing burr grinder providing consistent fresh quality grind.
  • Valves ensure consistent flow so coffees are prepared in a pulse free method, ensuring the brewing is homogeneous. The newer Z and J range have ceramic valves have stainless steel pipes that ensure quicker heating and better reliability.
  • Each Jura has the intelligence in it of years of experience in the coffee industry on how to brew the perfect cup. The electronics inside the machine are like having you own barista making you a brew exactly the same everytime. The Jura range produces a full head of crema to increase your drinking enjoyment
Taste Frog Quaffer selects his favourite coffee machine as a Jura

This is listed last as the reason why coffees produced by the Jura Impressa range taste so good is because of the items mentioned above. The secret to the rich taste of coffee the Jura produces is the crema and Jura machines produce the excellent crema on top of every cup.

Contact us to see how well formed the crema is. You can test it by running a teaspoon through it - the crema immediately resettles once the teaspoon has moved through.

The Jura's brewing unit is secured to the chassis, making the tamp highly effective. When we do comparisons we have found the fact that the brewing unit is secured to the chassis enables the Jura to extract more flavour form the same quantity of coffee

It is worth noting that the Jura has won a brewing award in stringent tests that compared it to commercial coffee machines. These awards are listed in detail under each machines private page.

Maintaining your Automatic Coffee Machine

So you have decided to buy a Jura automatic two cup coffee machine - that is great! Just as long as there are more people enjoying freshly brewed coffee we are always happy. For us this means that they too may soon discover fresh fine coffee

Here are some guidelines for running the Jura fully automatic two cup coffee machine.

  • After every 200 cups (220 for the X and Z range) you need to clean your coffee filter, the machine counts the number of cups made an reminds you. To clean the coffee filter you need one cleaning pill. The costs of the cleaning pills for the Jura range are on the Price List
  • If you are using a Claris filter (specially made for the Jura two-cup coffee machine), you will need to replace the filter after every 50 litres (between 250 and 350 cups). This is calculated by the machine and it will remind you to change the filter. The Claris filter solution is recommended if you use normal tap water in the unit, as it removes excess scale from the water. As a guide we have installed coffee machines in the whole Cape Town and Johannesburg metropolis and normally find that the water hardness is around 7°dH, so this is a level 1 on the Jura machines.
  • If you have elected to not use a Claris filter your water hardness should be level 2 or lower, as a high level of water hardness increases the need to decalcify the machine. Decalcification takes about 50 minutes and should be done after using 100 - 220 litres of water if you water hardness is level 2 or below. Once again this is all automated for you by the Impressa range, so all you need are the decalcification tablets and you can run the process. See our Maintenance section to see how to do it correctly
  • If you make a lot of cappuccinos, you should clean the cappuccino frother daily. You could also consider purchasing the cappuccino cleaner, which we recommend you use once a week on your Jura Impressa two-cup coffee machine of you use the frothing attachment regularly.
  • After every 5,000 cups, your Jura coffee machine must be sent in for a service during which the brewing unit is refreshed, the grinder checked and items like the flow control sensor and the espresso pump mechanism are checked and refreshed if required. The brewing unit is re-lubricated, there is a check done for any perished rubbers. If you are not sure if your machine needs a service then listen to it while it is making a cup of coffee. If it is unusually noisy or is making any straining noise while preparing the brew then it may indicate that the lubrication silicon gel is dirty, or a little thin, and the service takes care of that.
  • Any other items you may need are normally available to order, whether it be damaged panels or missing grind containers we have access to all these parts.

If you have already purchased a machine that is not a Jura, then you may need to carry out these maintenance processes manually. A coffee maker needs to be kept in a very clean state, as fine particles of coffee can collect everywhere and if not cleaned the coffee will start tasting slightly off

Pricing of Maintenance goods

Our price list has a full break down of the Maintenance material prices for Jura machines

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