AeroPress Flow Control filter cap (for espresso-like brews)

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AeroPress Flow Control filter cap to produce espresso-like crema. Designed by AeroPress for AeroPress.

Replaces the Fellow Prismo we used to offer.

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The AeroPress Flow Control filter is made by the original AeroPress company.


Aerobie, Inc. was established in 1984 by Alan Adler, a retired Stanford University engineering instructor and inventor. Aerobie manufactured high-performance sport toys, including the Guinness World Record-setting Aerobie Pro flying ring.

However, in 2004, Alan began to explore the coffee brewing process with the aim of creating a superior cup of coffee. This led to the development of the AeroPress Original, which was introduced to critical acclaim in 2005 and is now available in more than 60 countries.

The AeroPress has since inspired a global phenomenon known as the World AeroPress Championship, where coffee enthusiasts from over 50 countries compete using their favorite AeroPress recipe.

In 2017, the company decided to sell its Aerobie sport toy line and focus solely on the AeroPress. With the support of its customers, partners, and the World AeroPress Championship, AeroPress, Inc. continues to prioritise smart design and creativity to inspire coffee lovers worldwide to revolutionise their coffee routine.

AeroPress Flow Control filter cap

Introducing the new AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap, the AeroPress designed accessory to enhance the AeroPress coffee brewing experience. This innovative cap utilises a pressure-actuated valve to eliminate any unwanted dripping and provide control over the brew process.

What’s more, this cap is compatible with all AeroPress coffee makers, and can be used with either metal or paper filters, or even both.

With the Flow Control Filter Cap, you can produce an espresso-like crema and experiment with coarser-ground coffee to find the your perfect balance of flavour and texture. Elevate your coffee brewing game and experience the ultimate control with the Flow Control Filter Cap.

How To Use

Here are the steps for using the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap:

  1. Begin by placing a paper filter inside the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap.
  2. Next, twist the cap tightly onto the chamber of either the AeroPress Original or AeroPress Go.
  3. Add 1 heaping AeroPress scoop (15 g) of finely ground coffee into the chamber and shake to level.
  4. Pour water that has just boiled (around 210°F/99°C) up to the middle of the number 1 on the chamber (around 50 g).
  5. Vigorously stir the coffee and water mixture 20 times.
  6. Let the mixture brew for 1 minute.
  7. After 1 minute, insert the plunger and press down firmly until you hear a roaring sound and the plunger reaches the bed of coffee.
  8. Finally, enjoy your coffee as is or use it to make lattes, cappuccinos, and more!


Comparison to Primso

We are a fan of the Primso. We were part of the kickstarter and have used it since. One big difference between the Fellow Prismo and the AeroPress Flow Control, is that is comes with a metal filter. This may be the the key difference between the products. While the Flow Control does produce crema the extraction is not as intense as with Fellow’s product.

The Fellow product is no longer being imported into South Africa as of April 2023.

Product Details

The Flow Control Filter Cap offers complete control over your brew and allows you to:

  • Stop drip through to extend brew time and use coarser-ground coffee like pre-ground medium.
  • Create an espresso-like crema by using a paper filter and dark roast coffee to build up pressure.
  • Use with Stainless Steel Filter or AeroPress Paper Micro-Filters (or both) for a variety of flavour profiles. (Filters sold separately)
  • Fit all AeroPress coffee makers, including the new AeroPress Clear. (Coffee press not included.)
  • Made in the USA and designed in Silicon Valley.
  • Clean up quickly with just a rinse or easily clean in the top rack of the dishwasher.


  • AeroPress Website.
  • Chat GPT re-writes.

Flow Control




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