Fiorenzato F64 on-demand burr espresso grinder

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The Fiorenzato F64 is an efficient professional on-demand coffee grinder designed to handle medium-large workloads. Suitable for a small café.

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We consider the Fiorenzato F64 on-demand burr espresso grinder the starting point when looking for a medium-large workload espresso setup.


Pietro Fiorenzato founded Fiorenzato in 1936. The company has become known for its passion, entrepreneurial skill, and continuous quest for excellence. These ingredients set Fiorenzato’s history apart, with a rich Italian heritage that has led the way in technological development for coffee grinders and grinder-dosers for over eighty years.


We offer two models: the F64 E and the F64 Evo. Both are equipped with touch screen LCDs that have user-friendly colour screens. These screens make it easy to view coffee consumption statistics and check the state of wear of the burrs. Grinding is instant, and dose adjustment is electronic, allowing for precise and consistent production of coffee. Doses can be single or double shots, and can be adjusted independently.

The Evo model builds upon the F64 E’s strong foundation. It includes a fan that controls the grinding environment and coats the burrs with a material called RedSpeed*. As a result, the grinder is stable under most operating environments, reducing the frequency of necessary adjustments to achieve the perfect espresso shot. Once you set up your grinder, you can expect consistent results, with one less variable to be concerned about.

*RedSpeed is a modern material coating. Grinder manufacturers use it for lower grind retention, better burr thermal stability and longevity.

In different cloths

Previously, we offered the San Remo grinder, which was essentially a Fiorenzato grinder with a different exterior. Fiorenzato has been designing and building professional coffee grinders for over 8 decades.

Fiorenzato F64 Specifications

      • Ring nut micrometric grinding adjustment: continuous
      • Varnishing: standard
      • Fork: adjustable, with support
      • Doses adjustment: in seconds
      • Power: 350 watt
      • Burrs: flat / Ø 64 mm
      • RPM: 1350/min (50 Hz) – 1550/min (60 Hz)
      • Coffee bean hopper capacity: 1,5 kg
      • Net weight: 13 kg
      • Dimensions: 230x615x270 mm
      • Recommended consumption: E – Up to 2 kg per day, Evo – Up to 3kg per day
      • Burrs life: 400 kg (x 4 if Red Speed)
      • Cap Sense Touch screen display with humidity, temperature, blade life and daily dose audit.
      • For the Evo – Temperature and environment control

Fiorenzato, San Remo


F64 E, F64 Evo

Coffee brew type

espresso, moka pot






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