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A collection of post around how-to do things in coffee. A full list of post is below, but here is a selection of popular “how-to’s”:

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Coffee Cupping – how to guide

Coffee Cupping The most accepted tasting technique used to evaluate a coffee aroma and flavour profile, as called coffee cupping. Ultimately its best when assessing coffee from different associations, areas, roast profiles or…

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Automatic coffee machine maintenance schedule

An automatic coffee machine maintenance schedule is a necessity. When working with a coffee machine, you must clean it regularly, even super automatic coffee machines. What follows is a recommended maintenance schedule…

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Jura Error Messages

The Jura’s are exceptionally reliable, and hence seeing an error message on a Jura machine is rare. In the rare event that this does occur then here are some guidelines: Error Description…

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Jura error messages

Cleaning the Jura J9

A video on how to run Cleaning the Jura J9. This provides a step by step process for you to follow. Cleaning the Jura J9 This uses the Jura two-phase cleaning…

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Cleaning a jura j9

Cleaning a Jura F50 or Xf50

A video on Cleaning a Jura F50 or Xf50. A how-to video on running the cleaning process on the older Xf50. This provides a step by step process for you to follow:…

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Cleaning a Jura Xf50 or F50
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