The Vietnamese Phin coffee brewer is a simple and effective coffee maker. Easily make small or large cups with the brewers on offer. This is the method coffee is regularly offered in coffee shops in Vietnam.

Gravity Rules

The Phin brewer uses gravity to brew the coffee. No need to external pressure or work. Simply add coffee, water and wait.

Phin brewer parts

Phin brewer partsThe Vietnamese Phin brewer has four parts:

  1. The saucer (that goes on the cup)
  2. A brewing chamber (that goes on to the saucer)
  3. The coffee press (more like a placeholder, it holds the coffee in place)
  4. A lid – to keep the heat in.

Note: There is a version called a Chinese brewer. With this brewer the coffee press screws in.

Making coffee with the Phin

You control the strength you want by selecting the quantity. We found on the small brewer a ratio of 12g (about 2 teaspoons of coffee) to 120ml (a more or less filled Phin) worked well.

So how do you make coffee with the Phin:

  • Measure the coffee.
  • Grind it to a course filter grind.
  • Put Phin saucer on to cup.
  • Place Phin  brew chamber on to Phin saucer.
  • Add coffee in to brew chamber.
  • Place press on to of coffee, in the brew chamber.
  • Pour water gently on to the top of the press.
  • Place lid on to the top of the chamber.
  • Wait a 2/3 mins.
  • Remove lid, turn upside down and place Phin on top of lid to prevent leakage.
  • Enjoy.

Making iced coffee

You can also make iced coffee with the same brewer. To do this, add ice cubes into the cup. Brew as per above, but put less water in (since ice is water). And enjoy.

When in Vietnam

Vietnam is the second biggest producer of coffee in the world. Over 90% of their production is Robusta. So almost always Vietnamese coffee is sweetened with condense milk. To make this type of coffee buy a dark roasted coffee like our old school blend, and brew as normal, then add 50% condensed milk.





large, small




1 – cup, 2 – cup


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